Don’t Be Afraid of The AGI
And why guys with guns won't stop Network States

January 2023

Where is crypto going: predictions from Jan 2023Listen now (3 min) |
After going through a few of the crypto boom and bust cycles, one gets accustomed to rapid sea changes in a short period of time within the industry. As…
Why option to exit?

September 2022

22 September 2022 - Liquidity mining rewards are broken, let’s fix this! The design of many liquidity mining programs very extractive and parasitical…

December 2021

10 Dec 2021 - DeFi options have been a hot topic in both DeFi and CeFi as the next untapped financial primitive, and despite a large number of DeFi…

April 2019

Originally published 15 April 2019 - Where is the decentralized money we were promised? Bitcoin was launched over 10 years ago, with a simple promise: a…